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Full Circle Counseling 

Monica Cazes, LPC

Our Mission

Full Circle Counseling provides a warm and supportive environment for individuals, couples, and families. This safe space promotes a journey of healing through self-understanding and allows clients to reach their fullest potential within themselves and their interpersonal relationships. 

Whether you need to find relief in your suffering, move through life transitions, or utilize therapy as a means of maintenance and self-care, everyone can benefit from this practice. 


Individual therapy is provided through a one-on-one basis, creating a therapeutic relationship between client and counselor to address mental health illnesses, emotional difficulties and/or a search for self. 

Couples therapy is an opportunity to foster growth, improve communication and establish trust within an intimate partnership to improve an emotional connection through an intentional practice. 

Family therapy creates an understanding of the family dynamic, identifies how specific behavior affects others, and provides the opportunity to create a higher-functioning home environment by learning new ways to relate to one another.

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