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Couples Counseling 

Effective relationships are built on a foundation of mutual effort and understanding. This concept is the lens in which I approach couples therapy, as I work mindfully to hold space for both partners while they move through feelings of confusion and hopelessness, towards clarity and trust with one another.


Full Circle Counseling specializes in couples therapy, marriage counseling, relationship therapy and pre marital counseling, in Uptown, New Orleans, LA. Even the strongest of couples can benefit from couples counseling to help improve communication and maintain healthy boundaries to nurture their relationship in the long-term. Full Circle Counseling utilizes evidence-based practices including the Gottman Method, Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT), Reflective Listening Techniques, Imago Relationship Therapy and Attachment-based Therapy. 


Some reasons clients may seek out couples counseling is to work through the challenges of co-parenting, financial difficulties, intimacy issues, infidelity, poor communication, intrusive in-laws, lack of emotional vulnerability with each other, division of household labor/chores, trust issues, and feeling unloved or neglected. Many couples find that speaking with a professional can evolve their level of emotional closeness and vulnerability while continuing to build trust.

To read more, view my blog post on, "Changing The Stigma of Couples Therapy"

New Orleans Couples Therapy
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