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Addiction Recovery 

Therapy for addiction recovery focuses on uncovering the root of one’s addiction by helping clients explore their motives, triggers and warning signs for substance abuse in a safe therapeutic space. Full Circle Counseling asseses a client’s level of care to provide addiction recovery therapy depending on the severity of one’s substance use and/or addictive behavior disorders; including eating disorders, gambling, sex addiction, etc. 


As a licensed professional counselor specializing in addiction, clients may also be provided with outside referral sources for their substance use including additional inpatient, partial hospitalization and outpatient care, as needed. Once clients are sober, stabilized and committed to their recovery, Full Circle Counseling assists clients in continuing to maintain their addiction recovery. Clients are also highly encouraged to engage in multiple recovery practices outside of one-time weekly sessions including AA meetings/support groups, sponsorship and/or group therapy.


Ongoing addiction recovery therapy will provide the individual with education regarding their addiction, relapse and recovery processes to help them learn about healthy coping and communication skills, as well as the opportunity to establish a supportive recovery network. Full Circle Counseling views addiction as a family disease, therefor also providing a combination of individual sessions and family/couples therapy sessions as need be. With a commitment to trusting the therapeutic process from both counselor and client, addiction recovery will help increase client motivation, self-esteem, self-awareness, feelings of well-being and provide a sense of purpose. 

addiction in new orleans
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