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Premarital Counseling 

Premarital counseling is very important as it is an investment in your marriage. Full Circle Counseling in New Orleans encourages couples at all stages in their relationship to seek couples therapy, through a non faith-based premarital counseling experience. This service is highly recommended and encouraged as a proactive approach for couples who are dating with the intent to become engaged, recently engaged, newly weds or interested in long-term relationship stability and success. Premarital counseling is associated with lower divorce rates and can help couples avoid relationship problems before they occur. Provided will be the tools necessary to work through issues as they come up in a productive manner. 


Couples who seek out premarital counseling often leave feeling more committed to building trust, having more empathy for each other, an added sense of security, awareness of individual issues, effective communication, and are able to relieve each other’s distress as opposed to adding to it. These couples explore new levels of emotional vulnerability to create a deeper connection, shared meaning and life purpose. 

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